Yoda Origami Instructions and Tutorial

How to make an origami Yoda instructions and tutorials;

I have found several web sites and instructions about how to make a yoda origami but the one created by Mari Michaelis is probably the best one around. It is a Step by Step video tutorial consisted of 4 videos for yoda origami and also a pdf for the diagram.

Yoda Origami Instructions Part 1
Yoda Origami Instructions Part 2
Yoda Origami Instructions Part 3
Yoda Origami Instructions Part 4

At the end it should look like these ones :)

yoda origami
yoda origami 4

yoda origami 3
source: flickr
yoda origami 2
source: flickr 
yoda origami 1
source : flickr

Star Wars Origami Designs

Awseome Starwars origami designs by Philip West
You can also check his flickr album for more details and high resolution photos.

Darth Sidious Origami
Darth Sidious 

jedi origami
a Jedi

Yoda vs The Emperor Origami
Yoda vs The Emperor

Yoda Orgiami

Emperor with force lightning origami
Emperor with force lightning

origami jedi with green lightsaber
Origami Jedi with green lightsaber

Battle Droid Origami
Battle Droid

Star Wars Origami
Star Wars Origami

y-wing fighter origami
Y-Wing Fighter 

a-wing fighter origami
A-Wing Fighter